How to Apply Headers and Footers to PDF Documents

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Nitro Pro offers a wide variety of features and functionality that aim to make the creation and editing of documents as efficient and easy as possible. One such feature that allows you to give every PDF document a personal touch is the Header & Footer tool.

This tool allows you to manage, create, edit and apply headers and footer to your documents. To use this functionality, navigate to the “Edit” tab and click on “Header & Footer”.

       Headers and Footers Tool Icon

If you are using this tool for the very first time, you will need to setup your own personalised headers and footers. Once this has been done you will be able to simply select them from a dropdown menu.

How to Manage your Headers and Footers:

To setup your own Headers and Footers, select “Manage Headers and Footers” from the tool dropdown.

Tool Drop Down Headers and Footers

A new window will open allowing you to create, edit, delete and import headers and footers.

To create a new Header, select an existing Profile such as “Company Footer” or create a new profile. To create a new profile, just click on “New Profile”.

Simply follow the steps below to personalise your headers and footers or create entirely new ones:

1. Select a profile and click “Add”

2. Choose whether you would like to add text, an image or a PDF

3. A new window will appear that will offer you lots of useful settings to design your Header/Footer

Design your Text Header - Footer

4. Within the left side of this panel you can enter the desired text of the Header / Footer and make adjustments to the font, the font colour and add borders

5. On the right side you can select the pages the Header and Footer should be applied to, as well as the exact position

6. When you are happy with your design click on “Save” to secure your work for future use

Adding text or a PDF gives you the opportunity to add company logos or predesigned Headers and Footers. You can create a personalized company logo on the spot by simply combining a text and image within one profile as seen in the screenshot below:

Test Company Logo

How to apply and remove Headers and Footers:

To apply the headers and footers you created, simply click on Header & Footer tool, select “Apply to document” and choose one of your profiles.

Tool Drop Down Apply to Document

The tool can also be used to apply page numbers, the time, date and so on in the easiest possible way. Simply click on Headers & Footers – > Apply to page – > select ‘Current Page Header’ or ‘Page Number Footer’.

Nitro will automatically apply the correct page number to each sheet by using commands which can be modified within the “Design your Text Header/Footer” panel.

Design headers and footers - page numbers

When selecting “Edit Headers and Footers” all applied headers will be highlighted.

Tool Drop Down Edit

You can either double click to bring up the “Design your Header and Footer” window again, or right click to also have the option to delete them. In addition to this, you can select all Headers and Footer individually by using the Edit Tool which can be found on the left hand side of the “Edit Ribbon”.

Edit Ribbon

If you would like to remove all headers and footers at footers at once, select “Remove Headers and Footers” from the tool’s dropdown menu.

Tool Drop Down Remove Headers and Footers

Creating and applying your own personalized Headers and Footers has never been easier and now you know everything you need to get started from setting up your own personalised headers and footers to applying them to PDF documents to removing them all together. Personalising your PDF document has never been easier with Nitro Pro.

To try all the features and functionality of Nitro Pro for yourself take a free 14 day trial.

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