How We Achieved a Global Month of Giving

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This post is a part of our quarterly series of articles centered on Nitro Gives, Nitro’s companywide initiative that provides employees with volunteering time off, donation matching, team volunteering events, and other opportunities to give back to the community.

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Last quarter we published an article on how to launch a successful volunteer program, where we shared some actionable tips based on our own experience with the Nitro Gives program. We always look back on these tips when planning events and initiatives, and decided to hone in on one in particular (Tip #4: Rally Your Forces!) to create something really special and rewarding for Nitronauts across the globe.

In August we launched the Nitro Month of Giving campaign, where each week we promoted a fun and interactive giving initiative in each of our global offices. By empowering every single Nitronaut to participate—we’re nearly 200 strong now—we were able to accomplish our highest rate yet of giving back in the international communities to which each Nitro office belongs.

Because of the success of the first-ever Month of Giving, we wanted to share some of the key factors we feel contributed to the great results we saw. Here are three tips to help you get started on planning a month of giving for your organization.

Tip 1:  Establish your focus

SF Marketing and Customer Success teams volunteered at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

SF’s Marketing and CSS teams volunteered at the Golden Gate Nat’l Recreation Area.

The Nitro Month of Giving was centered around the core values of the Nitro Gives program: Environment (going paperless, improving workplace productivity and efficiencies), Education (always evolving), and Community (be good/help others).

Armed with these key values, we then broke out what each week of the Month of Giving would include. Here’s how we approached it:

Volunteering Time Off: Challenge each department to spend half of a workday volunteering at a local organization

Supporting Education: We organized a backpack drive where Nitronauts worked together to gather and fill over 20 backpacks with school supplies for students in need

Product Donations: Employees were encouraged to reach out to non-profit organizations they thought would benefit from free licenses of Nitro Pro, our desktop PDF software

Random Acts of Kindness Week: The focus of the final week of the Month of Giving was giving back to those you work with through a random act of kindness: a simple thank you note, coffee, above and beyond help with a project, etc.

Tip 2:  Choose Your Champions

Our Talent Team served worked in the kitchen at the Curry Senior Center.

Our Talent Team worked in the kitchen at the Curry Senior Center.

Nitronauts are the biggest advocates of our program, so what better way to get teams involved than to designate an individual in each department to champion the Month of Giving events?

Working with the Employee Experience Team, individual employees stepped forward to lead the rollout of the various aspects of each week of giving by organizing well-crafted communication plans, partnering with global offices, and compiling tips for and orchestrating the different volunteer events.

Tip 3:  Share the love

One of the most important things we’ve learned with our Nitro Gives initiatives is that it’s critical to communicate the results and reactions our activities generate to all Nitronauts. Throughout the Month of Giving, we utilized our company intranet to share photos of volunteering outings and backpacks packed, post thank-you’s for random acts of kindness given, publish the thank you notes we received from the nonprofits we partnered with, and promote the final value of Nitro Pro licenses we helped donate.

Nitronauts love giving back to begin with, but the feeling is amplified when we’re able to show them the true impact their efforts have made.

So, in the spirit of sharing the love, here’s a look at some of the results from our first-ever Month of Giving, which generated the highest rate of participation and community contribution we’ve seen yet:

·  Over 230 hours volunteered

·  Over 150 school supplies donated to local Bay Area schools

·  Over 150 Nitro Pro 10 licenses donated to universities, charities, and local non-profits

We’re so proud of the impact our Nitronauts make not only on our business, but on our communities. This is an initiative we’ll certainly duplicate next year, and we encourage you to explore a similar option in your organization as well!

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