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Here at Nitro, we recognize and value the importance of internships. Our interns are not grabbing coffee or taking lunch orders—they’re contributing to the business and they’re doing real (awesome!) work.

In today’s post for the Day in the life of a Nitronaut series, we’re highlighting two of our amazing interns, Hannah Schneider and Eugene Aquiler. Hannah is a Senior at University of California, Santa Cruz studying Psychology and Eugene is a recent BS graduate from the Art Institute of California—San Francisco’s Graphic and Web Design department. Here’s what they had to say about their internship experience at Nitro:

Hannah Schneider, Marketing Intern

Hannah, tell me what a typical day at Nitro looks like for you?

My days always start off with breakfast in the kitchen, then I head over to the Marketing department – I check my emails, prioritize my projects and check on event logistics. It really depends on what’s pressing that day—sometimes I’m researching different restaurants in San Francisco or I’m planning cool swag for Nitro events. Lately, I’ve been pretty busy with Dreamforce and sourcing leads. And then by mid-day, I’m ready for a quick coffee and pinball break in our game room. Then back to my project(s)!

What brought you to Nitro?

Actually I was referred by our Director of Demand Generation, Brandon Lopez. Brandon is a family friend and he’s always known about my interest in about events, writing, and marketing. The role was truly a perfect fit because I do what I’m passionate about, every day.

What project are you the most proud of?

I’ve had 2 favorite projects—the first project I did was help plan our IT lunches in Australia, which was a happy coincidence because I actually studied abroad in Melbourne for 6 months and I absolutely loved it. The lunches were a huge success and witnessing that success firsthand was incredibly motivating, especially since it was the first project I worked on at Nitro! My other favorite project was working on the NASDAQ Private Market Concert Series. My mom ran that event and Nitro sponsored it—which was pretty cool. It was also my first experience blogging for Nitro.

What do you do for fun?

I love to travel. I’m always going somewhere—I admit I’ve been pretty lucky so far. Like I said, I studied abroad in Melbourne for 6 months and in a few weeks I’m leaving for Europe for the next 3 months. Perfect celebration for a successful internship!

Eugene Aquiler, Design Intern

Gene, what brought you to Nitro?

I met Nitro’s Creative Director, Matthew Knudsen, through the Art Institute of California—San Francisco’s Industry Review Week (a showcase for Design students).  This past June, Matt came to check out portfolios from our graduating class. I showed him my portfolio, and he offered me an interview that same week. It was a pretty great week for me, because I also won the Best Portfolio award at my graduating showcase.

How would you describe your experience at Nitro?

It’s been amazing. I’ve learned so much from the Creative team here. Matt and another Nitro Designer, Alex McGee, are both alumni from the Art Institute. It’s nice that we have a similar background. They’ve really taught me about the massive effect of graphics and visuals on consumers—which Nitro does really well. It’s been a great post-grad experience for me because in school you’re bombarded with projects from 5-6 classes at a time. At Nitro, I’m working at 1-2 projects at a time and it’s all about quality instead of quantity.

What’s been your favorite project so far?

I love every project that I’ve worked on. I’ve had about 12-13 projects over the last few months and they’ve ranged from smaller projects to pretty big projects. I worked on a graphic for our product, Nitro Cloud—it was challenging and I’m really proud of my work. The team had great feedback and it’s such a huge team effort so it feels good to be a part of that.

Can you describe a typical day for you at Nitro?

I ride my bike from my apartment in SoMa to the Nitro HQ office in the Financial District. I’m usually pretty heads down on a project when I come in. I’ll stop from time-to-time to get feedback from Matt and then I’ll make some revisions to my work. By the end of the day, we’re in the game room and the team is playing a game of ping-pong. I don’t play though—I’m just a spectator. Then after work, I’m off to the Community Recreation Center playing and coaching sports—we just finished volleyball league!


Hannah and Eugene’s experience are just a few of our intern stories—and even some interns have eventually turned their internships into a fulltime gig here at Nitro (hey Victor, Hannah, and David!). And there are more stories on the way! We’re always looking for great talent. When you’re ready to apply to Nitro yourself—check out our open positions here!

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