How to Recruit Employees Effectively and Hire the Best Talent

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Jennifer Trendler (at left) with her team of talent-finders.

Jennifer Trendler (at left) with her team of talent-finders.

Digital innovation is transforming every aspect of the workplace, including HR. To keep up, human resources professionals must discover how to recruit employees effectively and embrace future-forward HR practices—or risk losing top talent to competitors. They must do things like look into hiring a data recruitment agency or get left behind.

“The state of the talent market is super competitive,” says Nitro’s Director of Talent Jennifer Trendler. “During the past few years we’ve seen employee recruitment heat up steadily, and now it’s as tight as ever.”

And it’s not just technical talent in demand. “It’s competitive in all areas, whether you’re talking about sales, ops, or finance,” Jennifer says. “It’s challenging for us to find strong people that are good culture fits for all roles.”

The unemployment rate is going down nationwide, and many highly qualified candidates aren’t actively pursuing new opportunities. With this change, companies must figure out how to attract and connect with the right people, then guide them through the interview and hiring process, as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Having services similar to Employment History Verification locked in when looking for new talent could streamline the employment process so I hear so keep an eye out for that.

For Jennifer, thriving in a hyper-competitive hiring environment is all about implementing innovative HR processes and tools that save resources, while creating great candidate and employee experiences.

As Nitro has grown, Jennifer has worked with her team and Nitro’s hiring managers to nearly double the global hiring rate over the past two years. This was accomplished by breaking through the clutter. “Candidates can have so many opportunities,” Jennifer says. “It’s about differentiating yours by effectively telling your story, then backing that story with action.”

So how do companies do that?

Our new eBook offers tips from HR industry leaders for attracting top talent, successfully onboarding new employees, and retaining the people who drive companies forward. Leading HR practitioners, speakers, and writers from across industries and the globe offer their best practices for cultivating a high-performance culture—both on the HR team and within the broader organization.

Check out the eBook for HR influencer insights such as:

Ben Eubanks on data collection:Ben Eubanks CTTCharlie Judy on transparency:Charlie Judy CTTDave Ryan on culture:Dave Ryan CTT Greg Savage on marketing:Greg Savage CTT Janine Truitt on employee feedback:Janine Truitt CTT Jason Lauritsen on communication:Jason Lauritsen CTT Lisa Rosendahl on technology:Lisa Rosendahl CTT Sharad Verma on social media:Sharad Verma CTTScott Boulton on leadership training:Scott Boulton CTTMike Morrison on networking:Mike Morrison CTT

These tweet-sized sentiments, expanded on in the eBook, offer a clear takeaway:

HR professionals must stand ready to embrace all of the capabilities of today’s digital environment.

Jennifer and her Talent team have proven effective early adopters of these practices, leveraging technology to bring on Nitronauts at record pace and maintain a happy, engaged workforce.

Employer branding on such digital properties as this blog, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and The Muse has been a focus of Nitro Talent. Twitter is another valued channel through which the talent team promotes #lifeatnitro and engages with prospective candidates using the @NitroCareers handle.

Jennifer and team also use our flagship PDF software to increase hiring efficiencies, allowing candidates to eSign and securely share completed non-disclosure agreements, offer letters, and other onboarding documents through Nitro Cloud with a few clicks. Nitronauts are thus enabled to complete all necessary new hire paperwork—without paper—before arriving for their first day at Nitro.

The Employee Experience programs at Nitro are essential for driving engagement and are designed to retain the talent that Jennifer and her team recruit. For example, our Learning and Development (L&D) team provides the resources and tools employees need to be successful in their current roles, and acquire skills that help them progress into new roles.

Each facet of recruitment, onboarding, and retention has a role to play in managing an effective HR department, and Jennifer notes the importance of technology in every area. “With things so competitive and people moving very quickly, innovation can be the key differentiator that drives your success.”

To implement innovative HR best practices in your company, download Nitro’s new eBook, How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Talent: 11 Innovative Tips from HR Pros. The insights from leading-edge HR influencers can help drive performance at your organization for years to come—whatever your industry or staffing needs.

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