Nitro to take part in Cloud World Forum 2015

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We’re excited to be taking part in EMEA’s largest cloud and DevOps expo, Cloud World Forum which is taking place in the Olympia Grand, London this coming Wednesday and Thursday, 24 & 25th June. This year the event will be co-located with Enterprise Apps World, making it the only show to enable the digital enterprise through Cloud and DevOps.

Over the course of the two days we will be joined by over 8,000 attendees, including 3,000 VIP enterprise end-users, who will gain up to date technical insight from industry pioneers in more than 16 conference theatres.

The event will also play host to 300 world class speakers, including our Director of Engineering at Nitro, Brendan Dillon.

Brendan will be taking part in a panel discussion on “Capitalising on New Technologies: Discussing the Future of Cloud, AI, Robotics, Anticipatory Computing & Wearables” alongside Martin KingFounder of and Head of IT Services, Hammersmith & West London College; Ian TurfreyIT Director, City & Guilds and Orlando Bayter, CEO and Founder, Ormuco.

The panel will take place from 14.50 – 15.25 on Wednesday 24th June in Theatre E (Employee Experience: Skills, Comms & Collaboration).

We caught up with Brendan prior to his trip to London to find out more about what he will be speaking about at the event.

So Brendan, tell me more about what you will be speaking about at Cloud World Forum this year?

I’m going to be focusing my talk around three core areas of importance when looking at the future of the cloud:

  • Security and privacy
  • Service Composition through APIs
  • Ambient Intelligence (AI)

When talking about the future of cloud the discussion could be endless – what will you be focusing in on?

There are still some misconceptions over cloud technology, with underlying concerns still surfacing over security, privacy, data protection and regulatory compliance. I will be discussing how many of these concerns are unfounded. In fact with the post Snowden world of ubiquitous encryption all network traffic is now encrypted, as is all data at rest.

In addition to this there are now more services that allow customers to manage their own private keys outside the cloud. I want the audience to get to point where they recognize that that cloud is more secure, not less secure than storing your data on premise.

Tell me more about Service Composition through APIs?

The idea of Service Composition through APIs (application programming interfaces) has been around for a long time in the guise of SOA (service orientated architecture) and mashups etc., however, no world-class service exists today that doesn’t expose an API for people to integrate & automate.

The future of the cloud sees the death of monolithic providers with massive enterprise portals providing CRM, ERP etc., and a move towards a streamlined integration of best of breed applications facilitated through services that will provide the glue or integration pipes to make this happen, for example Jitterbit and Informatica.

At Nitro we use a number tools including Bamboo, Salesforce, Jira and Slack. With such a vast suite of tools, our focus is on making all these services work seamlessly together, which is a lot more interesting than using a bundle of services from one vendor that provide a lowest common denominator set of functionality. It’s not about a set menu, it’s about a la carte services and picking and choosing what is right for your business.

And finally, what will you be discussing on AI?

There has been a massive sea change in how Ambient Intelligence is being used, which is impacting all businesses. When I was at Text by the Bay in San Francisco a few months ago I learnt that everyone there has a small team in their organization focused on how to you apply AI to help improve business.

Great user interfaces hide the complexity behind everyday concepts. Machine intelligence built into software applications can initially wow the customer, but very soon becomes routine to the point where it blends into the background. One of the most recognized examples include Google search and Amazon and Netflix recommendations. Nonetheless, we are increasingly seeing some great examples of machine intelligence powered apps including:

  • – Q&A powered by machine intelligence
  • DataLingvo – text interface to analytics
  • Numenta – anomaly detection & malicious behaviour detection

If you’ll be attending Cloud World Forum and are interested in hearing more from Brendan, he’ll be speaking from 14.50 – 15.25 on Wednesday the 24th in Theatre E.

To find out more about Nitro and what we’re doing with the cloud, come visit us at stand E40.

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