Feature Focus: Get to Know Nitro’s QuickSign Tool

Nitro Pro is loaded with a number of great tools that allow you to edit, create, share and process files with ease. Although there are a number of tools available within the program that allow, you, the user to manage files with little to no effort, we want to focus on one powerhouse tool in particular—the QuickSign tool.

QuickSign allows you to create, upload or take a picture of your signature and apply it to any document. You can access this tool from the ‘Home’ tab in Nitro Pro by clicking directly on the QuickSign button.

Find the QuickSign in the Nitro Pro Home nav

If you’re using QuickSign for the first time, you’ll be presented with two options upon selecting the tool: ‘Manage Signatures,’ and ‘Create New Signature.’

Create your electronic signature with the Nitro Pro QuickSign tool

Select ‘Create New Signature’ and a pop-up box will appear offering various options:

·         Take and a photo of your handwritten signature with your ‘WebCam’

·         Type your name with your keyboard using the ‘Handwritten’ option

·         Import an existing signature by selecting ‘From File’

·         ‘Draw’ your signature on the preview canvas, or sign with a stylus when a Topaz client is connected

Choose how to apply your electronic signature using the QuickSign tool

Creating a QuickSign signature using the Handwritten option in Nitro Pro.

Once you’ve created your signature, you can then use it to sign a document.

When we released Nitro Pro 9 in 2013, the biggest change we introduced to the program was the system integrations. We took our already robust program and made it even better by combining the power of our Pro desktop series with our popular Nitro Cloud service. In combining these two applications we provided the user with an even easier workflow for signing files electronically (you can thank us later).

What happens after you’ve created your signature and signed your file? Well, that’s up to you! You can share that signed document with anyone (including non-Nitro users), collaborate with a colleague or even request an additional signature using Nitro Cloud—all from the Nitro Pro desktop application.

Signing has never been easier or faster. To learn more about the power of electronic signatures and what it can do for your productivity, try it for free with a two-week trial of Nitro Pro.