The Value of Productivity Tools at the All-Ireland Business Summit

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EMEA VP John O’Keeffe will share insights on the value of productivity tools like Nitro at the All-Ireland Business Summit taking place this week in Dublin, Ireland.


Technology has transformed the way we do business and opened up opportunities for growth that many companies could only dream of. Everything from OKR software which simplifies and speeds up business operations, to the emergence of online retail, mobile payments and big data are some of the few trends that have profoundly changed business models. For many organisations, however, the traditional bread and butter of business – signing contracts, creating and sharing documents and reviewing presentations – hasn’t changed significantly in recent years.

It’s astounding how much time businesses actually waste dealing with documents. Workplace productivity studies have found that, on average, employees spend:

  • 5 hours a week searching for documents
  • 5 hours a week filing and organising documents
  • 9 hours a week on archaic document collaboration practices

Businesses that make the transition from old-school, inefficient paperwork to digital, automated document processes gain a competitive edge. Customers, partners and employees will gain a better document experience, you’ll get more insight into your key document sharing workflows, and you’ll empower a more collaborative workforce – no matter how geographically dispersed it is. As a result, the cost of inefficient document processes will diminish across multiple business functions, whilst revenue will increase through the heightened productivity of your team and satisfaction of your customers.

I’ll be taking part in the ‘Developing Your Business’ panel at the All-Ireland Business Summit this week to advise businesses on how to maximise return by investing in document productivity tools like Nitro. Here’s a quick peek at three of the tips I’ll be sharing to improve document productivity in the workplace:

  1. Collaborate smarter – collaboration plays a key role in most organisations, with multiple people working together on the same documents and sharing feedback via email or even on paper. Adopting the tools for cloud-based collaboration means companies can eliminate paper from the equation and in turn reduce costs, resource inefficiencies and opportunities for error.
  2. Modernise sharing and storage – employees habitually save documents to their desktop and/or company server for storage, and default to sharing them via email – giving them no insight as to whether the file shared was ever viewed. Cloud-based tools track all documents and interactions. Applications like Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to securely access your documents wherever you are – no waiting or lag time. Permissions features also keep your documents from falling into the wrong hands.
  3. Speed up signing – the majority of workers still execute signatures by hand, and use scanners, printers or copiers several times every day. The process of printing, signing and posting signed documents and then waiting for a reply takes an inordinate amount of time and money for businesses. Currently, it is estimated that in the US it costs $6.50 to process each page of a hand-signed document and more than three days to turn around a printed signature request. Add to this the average $3,000 cost to each business for simply managing the filing cabinet full of signed documents and the expenditure starts to seem ridiculous.

Come visit Nitro at Stand 55 at the All-Ireland Business Summit. You can catch me on stage at the ‘Developing you business’ panel from 4-4.45pm.

Nitro in Ireland:

Australian-founded with global headquarters in San Francisco, Nitro accelerates the way businesses create, prepare and sign documents, anytime, anywhere. Saving knowledge workers hours every day, while dramatically lowering software costs.

Nitro officially established its EMEA headquarters in Dublin in January of last year with plans to hire 50 employees in its first two years of operation. Since then, growth expectations have doubled with plans to expand to over 100 staff by the end of 2016. On the back of a $15 million funding round from Battery Ventures last November, plans are also now underway to open an EMEA data centre in Ireland by the end of this year. With 40 employees already and a new larger Dublin office at One Grand Parade in place, the growth in EMEA has been faster than in any other region in which Nitro operates over the past 12 months.

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