The Secret to the Most Effective Sales Cycles

The Internet has turned the traditional sales cycle on its head. Modern consumers are proactively seeking information about new products and/or services on their own – on corporate websites, in industry reports and whitepapers, and on community forums – instead of from salespeople.


Image: CEB

A 2013 report by Google and CEB shows that sales professionals have lost control of nearly 60% of the sales cycle, stating that the average B2B buyer is already 57% of the way through a purchasing decision once they decide to engage a sales rep.

With so little time left to win a customer’s business, sales professionals must quickly assume control over the rest of the buyer’s journey and guide them to the point of sale ahead of their competitors. How do they do it? One word: velocity.

Effective sales professionals take every opportunity to increase the velocity of their deals – whether they’re using contract templates and eSignatures, responding in real-time, or relying on their mobile devices – keeping things moving forward is critical.

Sales Acceleration Summit 2015

That’s why over 80 of the world’s most prolific sales and marketing influencers gathered virtually to present at the third annual Sales Acceleration Summit, where they shared their proven methods for increasing revenue by optimizing, empowering, and accelerating the sales cycle from the first customer interaction.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can register here for full access to all of the summit’s recorded sessions and get invaluable pearls of sales wisdom from the likes of Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling; Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing; and Anneke Seley, Coauthor of Sales 2.0.

Our own VP of Sales, Americas, Mike Leyden, also presented at the summit, where he spoke to the critical role of velocity in every sales process. Watch “How to Take 5 Days Off Your Sales Cycle with eSignatures” in 7 minutes, right here.

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