8 Ways to Collaborate Smarter in a Global Workforce

Going global sounds sexy, but the reality of building multiple teams throughout various time zones can be overwhelming. Take it from us, collaborating across continents is easier said than done. With offices in San Francisco, Dublin, Slovakia and Melbourne, Nitro has built a global business with the help of these 8 tools (and a whole lot of smart people). Along with these tools, global businesses can do a lot more to help their company run smoothly and efficiently. Things like the payroll can be hard to manage in small businesses, let alone in worldwide ones. To help employers manage this, they may want to check out somewhere like Cloudpay. Not only will this help with the day to day running of their business, but they can also stay on top of all the other important things too. Not forgetting that the use of these tools can also help them in more ways than one.

Going Global

1. Skype

It’s essential to get face time with everyone on your team and Skype lets you do just that. With video monitors in all of our conference rooms, we can easily connect our global offices to have a collective meeting of the minds without missing a beat.


Planning and tracking work can sometimes be as laborious as the work itself. We implemented JIRA for a number of our internal teams, including marketing and web development, to assist with project management, campaign organization, and prioritization.

3. Slack

Slack is great for communicating with your team about specific projects and broader topics alike. We like to think of Slack as our online chat room where we can go and “talk shop.”

4. Salesforce Social Studio

From scheduling to sharing across social media networks, Social Studio is great for promoting content on various platforms throughout the day. Now you can schedule when your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts go live without having to manually activate each one.

5. Nitro Cloud

Our recruiting team relies heavily on Nitro Cloud to send and receive new hire paperwork in a timely manner. It’s never been easier to manage paperwork for hundreds of people across the globe from one easy-to-access location. Our sales team also uses the approval and eSignature workflows on a daily basis to execute important contracts faster and collaborate more efficiently.

6. Every Time Zone

This is a great tool if you find yourself consistently booking meetings with various international offices. You can see exactly what time of day it is in all of your company locations without having to do quick math. It’s an executive assistant’s dream tool!

7. Salesforce Chatter

Like Facebook for your company, Chatter gives your organization an outlet to publicly announce daily revenue totals, congratulate teammates, wish someone a Happy Birthday, or share the latest marketing collateral.

8. Workday

Keeping a global company aligned on high-return initiatives can be a challenge. Workday allows you to keep all your progress and manager feedback in one central location. It also gives your entire organization visibility into major initiatives from the top down.

We’d love to hear how other global teams stay connected—shoot us your favorite tools in the comments section!