Are Your Document Habits Contributing to a Productivity Gap?


Being in the business of document productivity, we at Nitro place great importance on ensuring knowledge workers have the right tools and the proper education to work with documents as efficiently as possible – especially since documents play such a central role in daily business dealings.

However, a 2012 IDC study estimated that document challenges (ie trouble editing PDFs, difficulty sharing large files, the need to print, etc.) are robbing organizations of nearly 21.3% of their overall productivity.

Let’s put that into perspective: imagine an organization consisting of one worker with a $65,000 salary. According to the IDC’s report, the time that worker spends dealing with document challenges could be costing that company over $13,000 every year. For a company with 1,000+ employees, the cost of unproductive document habits can have a severe impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Based on this data, we decided to dive a little deeper. We hypothesized that some organizations do provide useful tools to their workers, but that old, bad habits create barriers to adoption, and therefore prevent the achievement of optimal productivity. So what are these bad habits? Where do the greatest inefficiencies lie? How can individual contributors be enabled for better document productivity, therefore making their organizations more productive overall?

To get our questions answered, we partnered with the PDF Association to survey 1,200+ knowledge workers from a wide variety of industries, job functions and countries across the globe about how they use documents on a daily basis.

Overall, the survey results yielded some very interesting insights, including the top 3 document challenges facing knowledge workers, some scarily common bad document habits, and the most frequent document actions taken every day.

We’ve compiled what we learned in a free e-book, 3 Ways to Improve Document Productivity: A Report on the Document Habits of a Modern Workforce, which you can download here and share to your heart’s content.