Disrupt the Way You Work with Documents


You’re a startup. You’ve just begun a new venture, and are pouring your lifeblood into growing something special. Chances are good that you’re not revenue-positive, and may not even have a clear plan beyond year one. With so many variables and questions swirling in your entrepreneurial brain, how on Earth do you have the time to think about managing your documents?

No matter how hard you try, paperwork is just something that can’t be avoided when you’re building a business – it shouldn’t slow you down, though. Managing all manner of your new business with limited resources can become overwhelming, but there is help out there if you know where to look. Upstart, for example, helps startups get better loan rates, and LegalZoom provides support for introductory legal concerns (every real company needs a lawyer!).

One of our favorite resources here at Nitro is SaaStr, a community devoted to the success of SaaS and B2B startups. In fact, the first SaaStr Annual is coming up February 5, 2015. Speakers include the CEOs of Box, Yammer and Zenefits, who’ll lead interactive sessions on how to hyperscale, how to partner and how to grow from $0 to $100m ARR.

Nitro has grown a ton over the past ten years, but we certainly haven’t forgotten where we came from. Our success has allowed us to develop a platform that delivers all of the document-taming tools we wished we had when we were just starting up. Easy e-signing, collaboration, and document sharing is all facilitated with Nitro Cloud, and we’ve found that streamlining these processes won’t only help you do more business faster – it’ll help you deliver an excellent experience to your partners and customers.