#NeedNitro: Saving the Day by Saving Data

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While many are in mourning that summer break is coming to an end, Vic, a Sales Operation Specialist at a tech company, has been relentlessly trying to catch a break. Vic’s problem is common enough – he has a perfectly structured Word doc that he really wishes was a perfectly structured Excel spreadsheet.

Vic spends the majority of his day building reports to provide his sales team with accurate data in order to identify issues and improve sales operations. His role is mission critical, and thus he must be as efficient as possible. After all, in fast-paced sales driven environment, time equals money, either toward the black or toward the red.

Recently, Vic received a report based on call logs. Oddly, the data was delivered in Word format in an easy to read table. Initially, Vic thought it would be simple to copy and past the table into Excel where he could then run the required analysis. Much to his dismay, the data refused to cooperate, clumping all together in one long column.

After spending close to an hour trying to figure out how to copy and paste the log correctly, combing through help-forums, and taking to Google, Vic’s frustration levels were through the roof. What had seemingly come across as a simple task was quickly turning into one highly inconvenient black hole. Was he going to have to resort to manually re-entering the data?

Empathizing with Vic’s dilemma, a colleague  suggested that he use Nitro to convert the Word document to PDF. Once the document had been converted into PDF he could then transform it into an Excel file, thus bypassing the copy-paste issue from Word. To Vic’s relief it worked perfectly (and quickly!).

Here’s how he did it:

1. Vic logged into his Nitro Cloud account and upload his document.


2. He choose to convert his file to PDF. Once done, he converted it again to Excel.


3. He downloaded and opened his brand new document.


And ta-da! Just like that, Vic had a simple solution to a potentially big problem thanks to Nitro.

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