How to Use Microsoft Rights Management with Nitro Pro

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This is part two of our two-part series about the new Nitro Pro with RMS integration (see part one here).

Running IT operations at any organization is likely leading to a lack of sleep these days. Organizations are under more pressure than ever to protect proprietary information, a responsibility that ultimately falls on IT’s shoulders.

If you’re an IT Manager, that means that you not only need to provide security tools that work, but ones that are user friendly and seamlessly integrated into your employee’s work days. At Nitro, we pride ourselves on providing secure and easy-to-use document solutions that complement (as opposed to sacrifice) the user experience. By building in integration with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS), an identity-based document protection measure used in enterprises around the globe, we’re addressing the prevalent issue of document security with a user-friendly approach.

Applying RMS via Nitro Pro to secure a document is simple: with only a few clicks, you can configure permissions, sharing restrictions, and even expiration dates for document accessibility.

Applying RMS to a document is straightforward.


1. Select the “Protect” tab.

2. Click “Microsoft RMS Security.”

3. Choose ‘Add’ in the ‘Restrict Permissions’ section to grant access to another person. Here, you can also decide what kind of access each user will have.*

4. Select “Finish” once you’ve selected your desired settings, and be sure to save the document.

*’Restrict Permissions’ allows you to customize access for each person at a more granular level, with choices such as: allow printing
, allow for changes in the document
, allow commenting, allow filling-in form fields, allow signing
, enable copying of text, images and other content
, and enable text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired. 


Once you’ve applied RMS, the document, and the information within it, stays secure no matter where it travels: only the specified parties can access the RMS-protected document, and their identity must be verified.

With Nitro Pro’s RMS integration, you can make document protection simple for employees, which will help them be more responsible in how they share confidential information.


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