#NeedNitro: Secure Housing and E-sign with Nitro

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The month of May is notorious for blooming flowers and Memorial Day; but if you are a college student May means finals and last minute summer housing. No one knows this better than my good friend Linda. After a tortuous week of finals Linda got an email informing her that she had been selected for the internship she had been vying for all semester.

After eagerly accepting the position Linda realized she would have to secure summer housing. The problem? She would have to do so from her parent’s house on the other side of the (very long) state.

Digital Document Roadblock

Dozens of phone calls and emails later, Linda found the ideal place: a short-term room rental in a safe location, and best of all, cheap enough for her college-student budget. But securing the property was instantly a challenge.

Linda was 8-hours away, and the landlord was adamant that she have every document – her application, financial statements, and cosigner forms – signed and in his possession right away, or he’d give the room to another applicant.

Lease agreement

 Nitro to the Rescue

The steps to fill out and return digital documents often looks like a laundry list:

1. Open email

2. Open document

3. Print paperwork

4. Sign and fill out document

5. Scan back into the computer

6. Send back via email

Instead of wasting time printing and scanning, Linda requested that her not-yet landlord send the documents to her via Nitro Cloud. By using Nitro, Linda was able to access the required documents then fill them out and sign them without ever leaving her browser. The added bonus was that she didn’t even have to send the documents back- her landlord was automatically notified once the paperless paperwork was signed.

Linda was accepted as a renter in a fraction of the time it would have taken for her to print, sign and scan just a single document.

Using Nitro was an easy and obvious solution for Linda. Despite being on the opposite side of the state she was able to connect and share the documents she needed with her landlord. For Linda, Nitro is more than just a PDF solution for businesses – it’s a PDF solution for her.

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