Announcing Nitro Pro 9.5

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Watch out, Nitro Pro 9. There’s a new sheriff in town: Nitro Pro 9.5. And dare we say it’s the best version of Nitro Pro ever? Alright, we said it – but only because it’s true. Nitro Pro 9.5 comes with both new features, like Silent Updates and barcode formation, as well as enhancements like Native 64-bit application and an improved Find function.

Silent Updates and the Native 64-bit version are two house favorites for the release. They make Nitro Pro 9.5 one of the most intuitive, full-feature PDF solutions available. Let’s dive into these two a little more and see what makes them so rave-worthy.

Silent Updates

Silent Updates ensure you run the most up-to-date version of Nitro Pro, every time you open it. Updates occur automatically in the background during computer idle time to download the latest fixes and patches, eliminating the need for you to perform these updates yourself. Running the latest version of Nitro Pro provides several benefits:

  • New features and improvements make Nitro Pro more powerful and useful
  • Improved user experience so you can focus on being productive
  • Better software stability thanks to timely bug and performance fixes

Native 64-bit

Native 64-bit software provides a more natural experience for you, regardless of the computer you run Nitro on. By better utilizing access to more memory and processing power on your computing device, Native 64-bit support provides Nitro Pro business users with improved performance.  This all means faster document activities such as conversions, editing, creation and rendering, which speeds up productivity and document management efficiency.

Of course, that’s just some of what is new in Nitro Pro 9.5. We’ve added typical bug fixes and stabilized Nitro Pro even more, and of course you can everything you already loved with Nitro – edit text and images, collaborate on PDF, and sign and share documents.

You can download Nitro Pro 9.5 here:

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