Tips and Tricks for Using LinkedIn to Win the Job

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Forty seconds after primping your resume and applying to a sweet-sounding tech job, you get an email. See who’s checking out your LinkedIn Profile reads the subject line. You click through – it’s the Talent Team member who you just messaged about the open position.

Yep, we work that fast.

The second you look like a fit, we’re at our computers, cyber-stalking you (professionally, of course) on LinkedIn. And you’d be surprised how many candidates aren’t prepared for our online sleuthing. So, we’ve compiled a list of best practices for using LI so as to catch a Talent Ambassador’s eye:

Let your profile sing.

Think of LinkedIn as your second resume, the one that brings you to life. It’s an interactive playground for Talent Team members to get to know you. Linking to your personal website – even if it’s just a simple Weebly hosted site that discusses your most recent artisanal popcorn recipe – and other social media makes you approachable and seem real. If you’re not sure what Weebly is and you have a personal website that you’re planning on releasing to the World Wide Web, you may be interested in these weebly reviews as well as other hosting platforms that you’re able to use to keep your website live and online.

Revisit your photo.

Much as I wish it weren’t so, it’s impossible not to make snap judgments about you based on your photo. Should you choose to post a picture (which is absolutely not required), think about how it portrays you. If the image does not say intelligent or polished, switch it out, stat. This is not the place for baby photos, fuzzy selfies or tequila shots.

Details should reflect your career goals.

The nitty-gritty of your profile – your work experience – allows you to tell the story of your career. There is nothing shameful about having lost your Account Executive gig during the recession and picked up work as a manicurist to make ends meet; however, that role does not enhance your tech sales experience. We recommend leaving those blips off. If we need to know what was happening during off years, we’ll ask.

Highlight your accomplishments.

That little section for “Awards” holds quite a bit of weight. If you excelled and were recognized in your job, at school, or in a professional organization, tout it! Awards are proof that you are an excellent person to work with – which is Talent Team catnip.

Recommendations matter.

Ask people you love working with if they will write a recommendation for you. It might feel awkward to request a short paragraph all about you, but good recommendations go a long way. On our side, it’s the difference between calling you and calling someone else. If an old coworker or manager found you indispensable, chances are, so will we.

The more information you can give Talent Team members to find, the more we get a picture of who you are – and thus become curious about you. Of course we look for the most capable candidates, but we also look for interesting humans with distinct personalities who our team will enjoy working with.

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Jennifer Trendler is Nitro’s Director of Talent. Based out of Nitro HQ in San Francisco, she scouts the best talent from all around the world. When not doing back to back Skype interviews with candidates in 4 different time zones, Jennifer is dedicated to spreading the word about the amazing opportunities at Nitro, and about the company culture that keeps getting better with each new Nitronaut.


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