PDF Hacks: Merging PDF Files

In our new series, PDF Hacks, I will expose the true potential of the Portable Document Format. I‘ll do all the research for you, drawing from many experts’ years of researching, analyzing and authoring PDF documents to present  clever hacks – tools, tips, and not-so-obvious solutions to common problems.

The little-known tips and tricks in this series are ideal for anyone who works with PDF on a regular basis, including web developers, signers, form creators, and those who distribute PDF files. Whether you want to fine-tune and debug your existing PDF documents or explore the full potential the format offers, PDF Hacks will turn you into a PDF power user in no time at all.

Now without further ado…

PDF Hack #1: Merging PDF Files

Let’s say you have a big presentation tomorrow comprised of numerous design sketches, accounting reports, and feedback from the engineering team. Ideally, you’d like to hand the entire presentation over to your boss in one, complete document with all the information they need, and without printing, scanning and editing.

Merging pages from one document and adding them on to another is a relatively simple task… yep, even if you are working with a variety of document types. You don’t have to convert files to PDF then combine them – that’s a waste of your time.

Watch this quick video to see how to merge you documents into one single PDF.

How to merge PDF documents

How to merge your PDF documents:

  1. Open Nitro Pro.
  2. Under the Home tab, click Combine.
  3. Click Add Files.
  4. Select the files you want to combine into a single PDF.
    Note: It does not matter the order you select the files as they can be re-ordered later
  5.  Organize the files in the order they should appear within the PDF and then click Create.

How to change the order of your PDF documents

  1. Add the documents using the steps above.
  2. Click the document name that you want to move up or down.
  3. Click “Move Up” or “Move Down” depending on where this document should be in the order of files.
  4. Repeat this process for any additional files that are out of order.

How to remove a document from merged list

  1. Select the document name.
  2. Click Remove.

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