PDF Tags: Are your PDF documents accessible?

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How often do you exchange documents internally with your colleagues or with clients?  How often are your documents accessed from your company website?  You may not know the exact number, but it should be clear that document exchange is pretty common.

Most business users convert documents to PDF before sharing them because PDF files maintain their appearance and layout, regardless of the device, software program or Web browser used to view them.PDFTagging_NitroBlog

However, this consistency doesn’t necessarily automatically extend to viewing on mobile devices, and for users who require assistive technology to read, accessing certain PDF documents is an even bigger issue.

What makes a PDF display correctly for a mobile device or screen reader? A feature called PDF tags, which can make a significant impact on the accessibility of a PDF document. The figurative bones of PDF files, tags optimize them for universal accessibility.  Tagging is critical for:

1)      User-assistive technology.  For those with disabilities, PDF tags are the difference between worlds of digital information, or none at all, seeing as an incorrectly structured PDF file becomes incomprehensible to screen reader users.

2)      Viewing on a mobile device. The reality is that optimizing content for mobile is likely a work in progress for many organizations.  Regardless, without PDF tags, documents accessed on a tablet or smartphone will likely render disjointed or out of order.

3)      Archival and storage. Consider all the files your business stores digitally, whether on remote servers or in the cloud. PDF tagging provides flexibility for daily use and long-term retrieval while protecting the integrity of the documents.

Want to learn more about the importance of PDF tags? Read our white paper, PDF Tags and Accessibility: Why They Matter.

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