Holiday Planning Made Easy

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The first few weeks of December seem to fly by in a haze of commotion, leaving even the most experienced holiday planner breathless. However, when done properly, holiday planning can be anxiety free and become part of the fun, allowing you to express your creativity.

We gathered a few of Nitro’s favorite holiday prep tips so you’ll be sure to have (and enjoy!) a memorable affair!

1. Your favorite recipes, collected and stored

Scan all of your favorite old recipes and convert new, digital ones to PDF. Create one master document using Nitro Pro’s Combine Tool to have all your crowd-pleasers for easy reference. Make changes, add notes or edit text using Nitro’s Edit and Review tools. (Even in scanned recipes, thanks to one-click OCR technology.)

Want to share tasty-treats with friends and family? Can-do through email or Nitro Cloud.

2. Make checklists to stay organized

No matter what your holiday plans entail, a checklist ensures you don’t overlook a thing. Create your lists directly in Nitro Pro 9 or in your preferred Microsoft application – typically Word or Excel – and then convert to PDF. From there, you can add checkboxes and/or radio buttons to make your lists “clickable” so you can check them off virtually.

Stay focused by creating a separate checklist for groceries, gifts, and event preparation. If you work better on deadlines, try using Nitro’s bookmarks to break down tasks by day.

Make checklists for as many projects as you like, or create on master list for all of your to-dos by using Nitro’s Combine tool.

3. Track and enjoy your savings

Even though Cyber Monday is behind us, you’ll be surprised at the number of deals that continue to roll into your inbox. Subscribe to your favorite stores’ newsletters so you can take advantage of all their specials. Or, you could look here for online coupons for your favorite shops, and continue the savings that way.

When offers comes around you want to use, convert them to PDF with Nitro’s new Outlook plugin. Once converted, you can combine them to one document, add bookmarks, highlight discounts and expiration dates, and add notes if necessary using Nitro Pro.

4. Split up tasks with friends and family

Putting on an event is no simple task. Recruit your family and friends to coordinate travel plans, help with decorations, and prepare side dishes to take the pressure off you. Put together a to-do list and share it using Nitro Cloud.

Cloud allows you to see who viewed the document, when it was viewed, and enables others to make notes, add deadlines, and sign off on tasks as they go. The best part? Opt in to receive email updates for as much (or as little) as you wish to stay in the loop.

5. Keep an archive

Take the stress out of holiday planning next year by saving everything to your computer for future use. For example, create a new PDF called “Holiday 2013? and save your recipes, shopping lists, coupons, shared tasks, and any additional notes. That way next year, you’ll cut back some time searching for your favorite recipes, re-architecting a new to-do list, avoid any last minute disasters, and skip the planning stage entirely.

With that, we wish you happy holiday planning! Have any tips for how you save time preparing for the impending season? Give us your response by commenting on this post.

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