E-signatures: Mightier than the Pen (and cheaper too)

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How much does a paper-based signature cost your business?  Roughly $6.50.  E-signatures? A lot less and more manageable too.

Putting your “John Hancock” on a paper document isn’t quite as simple as one might think.  Consider the process involved with pen-signing a contract which usually involves printing, signing, scanning, faxing and finally filing in a cabinet.  No wonder the turnaround time for collecting signatures can often take days or weeks.  The time and resources…they all add up.

PDF and e-signatures are natural complements.  Along with flexibility and affordability, e-signatures provide businesses with several advantages.

Streamline the contract management process so deals get signed faster. Imagine electronically sending a contract to a customer and getting all the required signatures in about 24 hours.

Reduce the amount of time spent managing paper agreements, contracts and forms.  Who enjoys filing?  When e-signatures and PDF documents are used, you easily file, organize, store and retrieve with a few clicks of the mouse.

Increase worker productivity and collaboration especially with those out in the field.  Accessibility and sharing from anywhere, anytime means your sales rep in Fort Wayne, Indiana can easily collaborate with the manager in Tempe, Arizona.

Improve the employee experience by allowing to e-sign insurance, benefit and performance documents. Now your employees and new hires can handle and manage their work-related documents quickly with minimal effort.

Protect business information by storing and archiving documents remotely or in the cloud. Securely upload, access and backup confidential documents over the Web and minimize your fears of a disaster or unauthorized access.

Want to learn more about the benefits of e-signatures?  Download our white paper E-signatures: Benefits from the Boardroom to the Home Office.

If you’re interested in speaking with a Nitro representative about ways Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud can help you get started with e-signatures, we invite you to contact us at any time.

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