What is a Digital Document Strategy?

Here at Nitro, we regularly speak about a “digital document strategy.”

The phrase can take on many meanings depending on the audience, but for us it’s all about the methods through which a person, team, or company is managing, accessing, and sharing their documents.

A digital document strategy can guide members of your team to streamline their document workflows as much as possible.  Imagine not only establishing clear expectations for everyone, but actually promoting collaboration as well.

By articulating processes for naming, storing, securing, and approving documents, you also introduce a layer of accountability which can be helpful if many people are working together on a project.

However you craft your digital document strategy, remember that success means tailoring each part to the unique needs of the user group. For example, a large business may have an overarching strategy, as well as a different strategy for each of its internal departments, while a financial firm may want to build in an extra document security process into their plan.

Setting goals and objectives can make all the difference in how you refine your strategy.

Establish success metrics early on, and you’ll be equipped to adjust as necessary.

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