Landing a Job in Tech: Introducing the Talent Team

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Finding a job is a challenge in every industry—especially in the ever-changing tech world. The good news is companies like Nitro truly want to find people like you to fill their open roles. So, we’re unveiling an ongoing blog series of tips and tricks for winning a job at a start-up or in tech.

Demystifying the secrets of job-hunting with us are Nitro’s own Talent Team, Jennifer Trendler and Rachel Klarfeld. They handle the hiring of all positions at Nitro, from entry-level to C-level. Together, Jen and Rachel have sifted through more than 50,000 candidates in their careers, and have a deep understanding about what prospective employees are doing right, and what they can improve upon to catch a Talent member’s eye. Here’s Jen:

At Nitro, we don’t hire on hope. We focus on finding people who fit with our current team, who can contribute to our success, and who have more skills than meet the eye. That’s why we prefer the term Talent Team. “Recruit” means to enlist a person, while “talent” indicates a capacity for achievement or success—people with special abilities.


What you can expect from this series: insights from Jen and Rachel on how the tech world is hiring, along with success stories of actual Nitronauts. Whether you’re an executive looking for a new challenge, or fresh out of school and gearing up for your first job, stay tuned to get a look inside the thoughts of people who live and breathe the hiring process.

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