Anyone Else #NeedNitro?

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PDF predicaments…be honest, we’ve all had them.  This happens when you have a PDF and simply can’t make it do what you need it to. Such an incident occurred  for a friend of mine on Facebook:


Completely relatable and certainly avoidable…after 15 hours of attempts to recreate the document and bugging designers of the original file as well as a long comment thread of suggestions with little success, he finally had to wait until morning to ask his HR department for help.

Funny thing is this all could have been avoided with Nitro-powered Nitro Cloud, a free service that converts PDF files to Word documents (or any Microsoft Office file type!) and vice versa.

Bottom line is friends don’t let friends get into PDF predicaments.  It’s stressful, frustrating, and ultimately, a waste of time.  Next time you see someone in PDF distress, shoot them the link:

Been a PDF superhero lately?   Tell us whose day you saved from the clutches of a PDF predicament – drop us a comment or Tweet at us using #NeedNitro.

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