Announcing Nitro Pro 9 with Nitro Cloud: Available Now

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I’m truly excited about Nitro Pro 9. I’m excited for our team, and especially for our customers.

Of course this is our latest and best release, but it’s more than just another number. It’s an evolutionary leap forward for anyone who works with documents. For the first time, we connect the desktop to the cloud. We’ve made it so easy to create, edit, share, sign and collaborate, online or offline. Do everything you did in Nitro Pro before, and more – and connect intuitively to Nitro Cloud for document workflow.

Pro 9 features an all-new look and feel, based upon the Windows 8/Office 2013 style, which means if you know how to use Microsoft Office, you know how to use Nitro. We’re still the easiest-to-use document productivity solution on the market, and we intend to keep it that way.

In addition to Nitro Cloud connectivity, we have so many great new features; from our Microsoft Outlook integration to powerful document compare capabilities and measuring tools. Pro is faster than ever before, setting a new benchmark for document creation and conversion speed, which means you can get more done, more quickly.

Nitro Cloud means, for the first time, that our desktop users can share documents online with anyone, and enable every participant in that workflow to collaborate on and sign those documents – with no desktop software required. Everything happens in the browser, and it’s all tracked – including document views, versions, markup, and comments.

Our goal with Nitro Pro 9 and Nitro Cloud was to make the shared document lifecycle as painless as possible. Whether you are a desktop power user, or an occasional collaborator and signer in the cloud – Nitro can make you more productive. Paperwork may be part of life, but it’s not why you went into business.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team, for two amazing new products in Pro 9 and Nitro Cloud; and our customers, the 400,000+ businesses worldwide that run on Nitro and who enable us to keep building new and better things.

Nitro Pro 9 is available now. You can try or buy it here. Nitro Cloud is also available now. Create a free account to start collaborating and signing in the cloud today.

-Sam Chandler, Nitro Founder & CEO

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