INFOGRAPHIC: Why Paperless Accounting Offices Work Faster and Efficiently

Accounts Race the Clock to Paperless Productivity

In accounting firms, “Time is money” – it’s a phrase we bandy about, but what if it impacted your business in such a way that doing things slower resulted in penalty fines for your firm and your clients? The logical solution is to work faster, but with the challenges of migrating from a legacy IT system, to staff training, to choosing from a myriad of productivity solutions to fit your business requirements, it may seem all too daunting.

An easy win adopted by the likes of accounting firms such as MacKenzie Strategic and Northern Business Consultants (NBC) is to tackle common pain points – such as cutting down on paperwork to move towards a streamlined paperless office environment. At accounting tech event, ATSA 2015, we conducted a survey to find out what IT managers and business leaders thought of paperwork. Here’s what they have to say.

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