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The Road to Better PDF

Are you at a crossroads between Adobe Acrobat™ and Nitro?

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With Nitro...

Work on cruise control

The leading Adobe Acrobat™ alternative, Nitro lets you coast through every project with a familiar Microsoft Office™-style interface, customizable layout options, and performance-driven features.

Office™-style interface

Our easy-to-use interface makes working with Nitro intuitive for anyone who’s ever used Microsoft Office™ (aka pretty much every person ever).

Customizable layout

Nitro molds to the way you work with a variety of print layout options and a customizable Home tab that lets you pin the PDF tools you use most.

Powerful features

From editing text and images to combining file types to converting to and from over 300 file formats, Nitro makes your document possibilities endless.

With Adobe™...

You're in for a bumpy ride!

Hope you’ve polished up your patience. Adobe Acrobat’s™ excess features, singular interface, and numerous updates can slow your progress along the way.

Feature bloat

Slowing use and deployment, Adobe Acrobat’s™ behemoth PDF software takes up to 80% more space than Nitro’s simple, lightweight solution.

Unfamiliar interface

Nitro’s Microsoft™ Office–style layout makes user adoption effortless, while Adobe’s™ singular interface makes users learn workflows from scratch.

Constant updates

Unlike Adobe™, Nitro automatically updates to ensure you’re not flooded with a constant stream of update notifications.

Kick into overdrive

Nitro's straightforward licensing that's one-third the cost of Adobe Acrobat™ provides a scalable PDF solution.


Simple licensing

Flexible licensing options ensure your contract is structured in the best way possible for your business.

Smart savings

Nitro’s superior value allows you to equip more—or all—users with the PDF tools they need to be most productive.

Zero audits

Keeping your best interests in mind, Nitro has never audited or threatened upgrade fees or contract term changes.

Warning: Funds are low!

Adobe’s™ steep prices, compliance audits, and complicated licensing have guzzled your PDF budget.


Expensive price tag

Triple the price of Nitro’s software, Adobe™ can raise your cost structure and decrease the feasibility of standardizing on a PDF solution.

Software audits

Well known as one of the most frequent auditors in the software business, Adobe™ can put you in constant fear of expensive, time-intensive audits.

Complicated licensing

Lengthy contracts, complex clauses, and convoluted terms can make it difficult to consistently maintain compliance.

With Adobe™

Oops! You took a wrong turn!

Without Adobe Acrobat™ training resources and helpful customer support, it looks like you're on your own to get back on course.

Abandoned adoption

Unlike Adobe™, Nitro provides tailored adoption and rollout programs so you can customize deployment to your unique needs.

Substandard support

Frequently heralded for poor customer service, Adobe™ pales in comparison to Nitro’s 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Overloaded IT

With heavy PDF software, an inflexible layout, and a lack of training resources, Adobe™ can leave your users frustrated and your IT department overwhelmed.

With Nitro

You're still on course!

Nitro's experienced Customer Success team will equip you with simple deployment options, rollout help, training resources, and the 24/7/365 support you need to work smoothly.

Easy onboarding

Nitro empowers you with everything you need to deploy our software in a fast, easy, and scalable way.

Extensive training

A comprehensive library of helpful training resources—including videos, guides, and articles—enables you to work smarter.

Excellent support

24/7/365 access to world-class support engineers treats you to the next level of software support.


Thanks to Nitro, you've arrived at your destination: PDF success!

As the leading Adobe Acrobat™ alternative, Nitro is the easiest, fastest, and smartest route to productivity. We make every step of your document journey easy and efficient—from onboarding to everyday use.

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